OneGorge Advocacy Network Group met in person on Sept 27, 2023, in the pavilion at Port of Cascade Locks.  We networked from 5:30 – 6.   We enjoyed some local foods & beverages.  
Special thank you to Brighams Market, Aniche & Hawkins Cellars in Underwood, Thunder Island & Backwoods Brewing.

Following Gorge-ous Nights in 2023, the group decided to schedule biennial Gorge-ous nights.   On October 16th the leadership group will be strategizing on how to show our presence in Olympia and Salem in 2024 during the legislative sessions. 

Discussion ensued regarding the importance of a significant presence in 2024 especially with the bridge replacement at the forefront of our regional priorities.  

Earlier in the day our legislators were given a tour of the Hood River and Bridge of the Gods.  The leadership team will be meeting on October 16th from 2 to 4 p.m. to discuss 2024’s presence.   

Members are encouraged to review the group’s legislative priorities and to start thinking of the next Gorge-ous night sponsorships. 

Members are also encouraged to recruit and help grow the advocacy network.   

Mark your calendars:  

Oct. 16th Leadership Team meets 2 p.m. Virtually (email Liz or Wanda

   at if you’d like to join in).  Attending are:  Liz Wilber, 

   Mark Johnson, Brittany Berge, Buck Jones, Gretchen Scholl, Mark Johnson, Tammara 

   Tippel, Wanda Scharfe

Dec 20th OneGorge Advocacy Network  Virtual Meeting 3p.m.

If you have a request for a speaker to address the group or If you wish to speak please reach out to Liz or Wanda at

Kathy Fitzpatrick Senior Project/Mobility Manager, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District spoke to the group about the regional transit system and plans for the future.   

Her Powerpoint is available on the webpage at:  

We reviewed the 2023 Gorge Transit Strategy which was developed to serve the Mid-Columbia region and the phases of coordination.   The process involved many stakeholder groups from veterans, employers, and tourism groups to name a few.  It also involved coordinating  5 transportation providers.  The vision for the future includes projects that enhance the regional transit service. Public outreach continues to be a priority and Washington will also be adding a Travel Trainer to assist with increasing ridership.  The group engaged with a few questions pertaining to ridership training, employers, trip planning, and software for routes & planning.     

Matthew Barmann of Hood River Pedicab, EV Taxi & Delivery also addressed the group.   He introduced his business models.  He explained some of the concerns he has for the future of his business as the City of Hood River considers modifying the ordinance to allow Lyft & Uber drivers to operate in the community.   He generally operates in a 60-mile radius providing taxi service, recreational transport, and shuttle service.  He also does small-scale touring.    He work closely with the public transportation system offering that last-mile service to riders.    

His concerns:   
Revenue impact as Uber & Lyft apps omit local services.  
Uber & Lyft apps are used by tourists.
Uber & Lyft don’t follow the same safety protocols like annual background checks, vehicle inspections,
and permitting.

He asked members to submit their views to the city council.   —

Transit Presentation at bottom of page.