Through coordinated efforts, we support state and federal legislative change and funding of key projects to advance the economic development priorities of regional organizations, tribal nations, businesses, cities, counties and ports.

OneGorge is ready to provide advocacy support on the following key initiatives:

  1. Transportation – Replace the Hood River Bridge, repair and upgrade the Bridge of the Gods and build the Bingen Point Overpass while preserving existing crossings to Bingen Point.
  2. Support expansion of broadband access throughout the region.
  3. Bi-state recognition of EMS Certification
  4. 4. Full funding of the Oregon & Washington Investment Boards

OneGorge monthly meetings are a great time to bring new issues to the group for consideration and discussion. If you are currently working on any of the above issues in any capacity, and could use some advocacy support, let us know – our ultimate goal is to help raise awareness and affect real change on these issues.